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The Sky Is No Longer The Limit!

Provide Innovative Services To Real Estate Agents With a Hommati Franchise!

As a Franchise Owner of Hommati, you’ll offer a wide range of innovative and much needed services to real estate professionals. With cutting-edge technology like 3D Interactive Tours, Virtual Reality Tours, Aerial HD Video, and more, you’ll help agents showcase properties like never before.

Times are changing in the real estate industry. Gone are the days when agents could just put up a sign, hold an open house, and place a classified ad. Today’s buyers expect so much more. Stunning photography, 3D walkthroughs, drone video – agents need to leverage these tools to stay competitive.  

That’s where you come in with a Hommati franchise! As a trusted partner, you’ll provide agents with the innovative services they need to impress buyers and sellers.

The experts at Trusted Franchise Consultants can guide you through the process to secure your buy a Hommati Franchise

A Massive Industry Ripe for Disruption

The real estate industry is massive, with over 3 million active licensees in the U.S. alone. Yet despite its size, the industry remains ripe for disruption by innovative technologies. 

– In 2019, the commercial drone market was $2.6 billion. By 2025, it’s projected to reach $16.2 billion – a compound annual growth rate of 25.4%.

– Homes with aerial photos sell 68% faster than those with standard images. Yet only 9% of agents are using video to market listings. 

– 73% of homeowners say they’re more likely to list with an agent who uses video. But right now, only a tiny fraction of agents are tapping into these powerful tools.

With over 5 million homes sold last year, the opportunity is enormous for those who can provide the services agents need. As a Hommati franchise owner, you’ll be at the forefront of this technology revolution in real estate.

Hommati Franchise

Potential to Earn Significant Revenue with a Proven Model

Becoming a Hommati franchisee offers a promising avenue for income generation through two distinct revenue streams:

Firstly, franchisees can significantly benefit from **Package Sales**. Hommati’s premium listing package is a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the needs of modern real estate listings. It encompasses a 3D Tour, Aerial Video/Stills, 2D 4K Ultra HD Photography, a VR Tour, a Video Slideshow, and a detailed Floor Plan. Given the high-quality nature of these digital services, franchisees have the potential to earn substantially with each listing package sold.

Secondly, there’s the advantage of **Recurring Monthly Fees**. By providing membership options, franchisees can foster enduring relationships with real estate agents. This not only ensures a stable revenue stream every month but also solidifies the franchisee’s position in the market. As the franchisee’s clientele grows, so does the potential for increased revenue. Moreover, with the training provided by Hommati, franchisees are equipped to offer premium services at competitive prices, further amplifying their earnings potential.

Why Real Estate Agents Need Hommati

The real estate landscape has evolved, and the requirements of modern real estate agents are more demanding than ever. One solution that has been making waves in the industry is Hommati, and here’s why it’s indispensable for agents:

Attracting More Listings

In today’s competitive market, agents are in a constant quest for more listings. Hommati aids in this endeavor by offering captivating 3D tours and breathtaking aerial photography. These state-of-the-art features allow agents to present properties in an unparalleled light, which not only attracts potential buyers but also persuades sellers to list their homes with them.

Accelerating Home Sales and Staying Ahea

The power of interactive 3D tours is undeniable. Prospective buyers can virtually “walk” through a property, providing them with an immersive experience that traditional photos simply can’t match. This interactivity leads to increased showings and, consequently, quicker sales. Moreover, in a rapidly evolving digital era, it’s essential for agents to adopt the latest tools to differentiate themselves from their peers. Hommati offers the innovative solutions agents need to not only stay competitive but to truly stand out.

Achieving Premium Prices and Ensuring Safety

It’s been observed that homes marketed with professional 3D tours and videos tend to command higher prices, resulting in increased revenue for the agents. In addition to these benefits, the recent COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of virtual showings. 

Hommati’s virtual 3D tours ensured that agents could continue their business while adhering to safety guidelines and regulations. 

Hommati provides real estate agents with the essential technological tools to cater to contemporary buyers and sellers. This comprehensive support is a key reason why their franchises are gaining immense popularity across the nation.

Why Real Estate Agents Need Hommati

Why Choose a Hommati Franchise

Hommati offers a unique franchise opportunity that combines affordability and potential for growth. 

With a low start-up cost that includes a franchise fee of $26,900 and additional costs around $23,000, aspiring entrepreneurs can easily step into the business world. 

The franchise model offers the added advantage of recurring monthly membership fees, ensuring a steady revenue stream. 

Hommati’s digital nature allows franchisees to operate from home, eliminating the need for costly overheads. 

In addition, franchisees can benefit from unrestricted territories, ensuring exclusivity in areas with populations of up to 200,000. 

With comprehensive training, including drone pilot certification, and a suite of lead generation tools, franchisees are equipped to launch their businesses confidently. The ongoing support from the Hommati team, combined with cutting-edge technology offerings, ensures franchisees remain competitive in the market. 

For those passionate about technology, marketing, and entrepreneurship, this franchise opportunity is both fun and rewarding.

Join the Hommati Revolution

Becoming a Hommati franchisee is more than just owning a business; it’s about becoming part of a team of forward-thinking professionals.

The services provided by Hommati are tailored to address the needs of modern real estate agents, helping them navigate the challenges of a digital-first market. 

As the real estate industry continues to evolve, joining the Hommati team offers a chance to be at the forefront of this transformation, providing innovative solutions that truly make a difference.

Skyrocket Your Earning Potential

As a franchise owner, you’ll enjoy profit margins of around 50% on service packages. Recurring monthly revenue provides stability so you can focus on growth.

Plus, you benefit from our national brand recognition and marketing. Agents everywhere know the Hommati name, so you’re able to hit the ground running instead of starting from scratch.

Franchisees are seeing remarkable success, more than doubling their earnings year-over-year. With hard work, the opportunities are there to build a highly rewarding business.

Are you ready to disrupt the real estate industry? Contact us today to learn more about a Hommati franchise!

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